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2018 Fall Ball Season Registration, Rules, Volunteers Needed

By Steve Sztan, 07/22/18, 8:00AM MST


Wow how time flies during the summer! The start of the fall season is quickly approaching so we are looking forward to seeing your girls back out on the softball fields.

Online registration will be available starting Mon 23 July and close Wed 8 August. Just visit and look under the quicklinks section. If you don’t have a sports engine account, you will need to create one. Go to the following link for help to create an account and login to the TVFP website. <<>>

You will have the option to pay and upload necessary documents (birth certificate and a bill with address for residence verification) online. If you choose not to then in person registrations will be available at Udall softball fields to register online via a provided computer, to drop off checks/cash, and to verify residence and birth certificates. The dates are TBD by 27 July.

As a reminder, each family is expected to fulfill 2 snackbar shifts per child. A typical shift is no more than 2hrs. If you volunteer, please bring a check to the inperson registrations as a retainer fee. Once you fulfill your snackbar commitment TVFP will return or shred your check.

If you prefer not to volunteer, the 2 shifts can be bought out for $75.


TVFP fall ball will have the following age groups and fees – registration fees: 6U - $95; 8U - $135; 10U - $150; 12U - $150; 14U - $150.


For your planning, expect fall ball practices to start no earlier than Aug 13th with games starting on Sep 7th/Sep 8th. The season will end on Nov 2nd/3rd with the end of season tournament Nov 5th-10th. Typically, games will be on Fri/Sat with 6U and 8U playing one game and 10U-14U playing double headers.


Fall Ball provides an opportunity for players to continue playing softball during the off season. Because it is an off-season activity, there are fewer players involved and the league boards may have less direct involvement. Fall Ball teams generally play double-headers on the weekends and must follow the same substitution and playing rules as the Spring Season.

Team balancing is not considered when forming teams for Fall Ball, and complete teams are able to register as whole, provided Baja league boundaries are respected. Different philosophies and priorities go into the creation of each team, based on the desires of those putting them together, and there will be a wide range of skill level between opponents. For this reason, it is entirely possible for a young, inexperienced team to go an entire Fall season without a win. The focus is placed on development of the team and not their win-loss record. Established ASA teams may not participate in Baja Fall Ball, unless needed to provide a complete season for a particular age division. A Spring-based Baja team, which may have participated in post-season ASA or other competitive tournaments, is considered eligible for Fall Ball. Once registered for Fall Ball, a team may choose to participate in up to three non-Baja tournaments, provided dates are submitted prior to the Baja scheduling meeting. A team that misses a scheduled Baja game and is discovered to be participating in an outside tournament will be immediately removed from the remainder of the Baja schedule. It is the intent of Baja to provide a safe, fun place for recreational players to enjoy the game of softball. It is with this in mind, that leagues are charged with maintaining a level of competitiveness that is in keeping with the Baja Mission Statement. While the team formation rules are fairly loose,

the leagues will put forth their best effort in preventing a highly competitive team (one that is above and beyond typical All-Star level) from forming and placing our recreational players in a position to suffer such defeats as to discourage further enjoyment of the game.



We are still looking for volunteer Head coaches. One benefit is that you get ½ of a registration covered by the league. Each new coach must be approved by the board. Currently we have:

            6U – 1 Head Coach Volunteer

            8U – 3 Head Coach Volunteers

            10U – 2 Head Coach Volunteers

            12U – 1 Head Coach Volunteer

            14U – 1 Potential Head Coach Volunteer


TVFP is a recreational softball league. We look forward to working with your girls to teach them softball skills, teamwork, and good sportsmanship. We understand that winning and being competitive is a key ingredient to enjoying the game but being a good sport and continual improvement is more important. Our League slogan is: Hustle and heart sets us apart